Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Beginning.

A new virgin page, in a new blog.  For what it is worth this is a return to blogging for me, a re-engagement with life in the digital cloud. So why a new blog?  Why not just pick up where I left off?  The best I can answer seems to be, I just needed a fresh start.  With no readers, a new blog contains no pressure or responsibilities, a narrow space of simply one.
So what is this blog about?  Well primarily it will be about books; books and reading and all things to do with the written word and the power of narrative.  Occasionally it may be about the visual or other kinds of narrative; TV and movies.  It may be about things relating to work or study, or it may be just about whatever takes my fancy at the time and that could be anything, but the book and the world of the book, in all its forms and genres will dominate this space.  And what books? Well anything really, it could be a 19th century classic or a recent literary novel, or it could be a genre novel, crime or speculative fiction of one form or another.  Children's literature from picture books to young adult or graphic fiction.  History or politics, or poetry or cookery and even perhaps some science, I do read the odd volume of popular science, but mostly I suspect it will be about whatever novel I am currently reading, and given my recent reader's bloc things may be sparse and sporadic, at least for a little while.
Oh and the name of the blog, where would I be without the eloquent juxtapositions of T.S. Eliot, well without a blog title for a start.  When looking for a title I found lines of Eliot running through my consciousness, his lovely, concise eloquence, it was either "garlic and sapphires", or "murder and create", (there really is not enough poetry in everyday life). 
A brief and vague introduction, no doubt indicative of things to come.  Suffice to say, welcome to any who stumble upon this page and feel free to stay a while and engage in conversation, the reading opinions and recommendations of others are always eagerly received.

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